About Qatar

Bilateral Relations


Since the foundation of their diplomatic relations in 1972, Japan and Qatar have been major trade partners. Their relationship is founded primarily in the energy trade, as Japan imports a significant amount of its LNG requirements from Qatar.

However, over the past 40 years their relationship has developed beyond the energy sector into education, technology, culture, and acts of humanitarianism. In the wake of the devastating March ‘11 earthquake and ensuing tsunami, Qatar pledged an additional 4 million tonnes of LNG to meet Japan’s surge in energy demand.

These strong ties have transformed the relationship between Japan and Qatar into friendship. They have resulted in ever improving educational opportunities, business relations, and increasing cultural exchange.

Qatar Japan 2012

Qatar-Japan 2012 was a yearlong series of cultural, sporting and business-related activities that celebrated the friendship and respect between the two countries. The events took place in both countries, showcasing the unique aspects of each nation, the mutual appreciation of their history, heritage, achievements and the shared interests of their citizens.

Qatar Friendship Fund

Mutual respect and support is key to the significant relationship between both countries. This was particularly evident after the tragic earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011 when the State of Qatar pledged to support and contribute to the Japanese reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts by establishing Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF).

Qatar Friendship Fund's mission is to nurture the hopes and dreams of the victims of Great East Japan Earthquake and Massive Tsunami, and will further the long-lasting friendships between both countries.