Contents of Application

(1) The Purpose of the Fund

The “Qatar Friendship Fund” is established by the government of Qatar as a demonstration of its friendship with Japan, to contribute to the country's rehabilitation and to assist organizations that operate in the areas of “child education”, “healthcare” and “fisheries” through financial assistance.

The “Qatar Friendship Fund” assisted a skiing-education program held in Yubari, Hokkaido to invite 1,400 children and family members in January 2012. Also, as its first mega project, the fund started assisting the construction of the multifunctional fishery processing facility in Onagawa, Miyagi in April 2012. The project was recently completed and the multifunctional fishery processing facility is now in operation.
The five projects were selected from the 1st public call for projects. (See Homepage for details: http://www.qatarfriendshipfund.org)

We are now conducting our 2nd public call for proposals of projects aimed at resolving regional challenges in the same aforementioned three areas as the 1st public call and providing financial assistance to such projects.

We hope to further deepen the understanding and friendship between the peoples of Qatar and Japan through the Fund’s activities and further strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries which have been cultivated in various areas such as education, trade and culture over the past 40 years.

To achieve these goals effectively, Mitsubishi Research Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Advisory Partners selected by the QFF, will conduct a public call.

(2) Overview of the “Qatar Friendship Fund”

2-1. Projects Eligible for Financial Assistance

  • Projects from the three areas of “child education”, “healthcare” and “fisheries” that are expected to greatly benefit rehabilitation efforts in the disaster-affected areas.
  • Both hard and soft projects are included.
  • Projects that can be managed sustainably by implementing entities after the completion of financial assistance from QFF.
  • Projects that do not receive other donations, grants, etc. (and are promoted using only the assistance from this fund)
  • Projects that will be launched in 2013 and completed no later than December 2014.

2-2. Organizations Eligible for Financial Assistance

A primary proponent must be responsible for primarily implementing the proposed project and must be either a municipality or a non-profit organization (NPO) for which the receipt of this Fund will not be the object of corporation tax. A co-proponent, however, can be not just limited to a municipality or a non-profit organization for which the receipt of this Fund will not be the object of corporation tax.

  • Regardless of any combinations of a primary proponent and co-proponent(s), it is preferable that a municipality in which the project will be implemented is involved for the proposal.
  • In case where a municipality is not involved for the proposal, please make sure to obtain the recommendation and assistance from the relevant municipality.

2-3.Expected Total Amount of Financial Assistance (the total amount for the 2nd public call)

  • USD 46.5 million (approx. JPY 3.7 billion)