QFF takes part in Qatar National Day celebrations in Japan

Qatar Friendship Fund joined 700 guests and dignitaries at a reception to celebrate Qatar National Day at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo on December 7th, 2012. Guests were treated to Qatari hospitality along with valuable insights into the work of QFF.

The welcoming speech was made by H.E Mr Yousef Bilal, Qatar Ambassador to Japan, and Mr Hamada, a member of the House of Councillors made a speech on behalf of the government of Japan, introducing himself to the audience in Arabic.

During the evening Mr Ishimori, Vice President of Onagawa Fish Market buyers Cooperative read a message from the Mayor of Onagawa, Mr Suda, updating the audience on “Maskar” the multifunctional fishery processing plant that was successfully completed by QFF in October 2012.

In addition, a boy from Fukushima, Takehiro Muramatsu made a speech. Muramatsu-san was a child who had attended QFF’s first project in Yukinko in Hokkaido in March 2012. This was a ski education program that brought smiles to 1,400 children affected by the tsunami.

The guests also gained valuable insights into the overall work of QFF through a number of large illustrative panels in the event ballroom. The panels charted the story of QFF and its work in areas affected by the Great East Tsunami and Massive Earthquake.

The National Day celebrations reflected the warmth of Arabic hospitality and guests enjoyed both Arabic and Japanese food. The event also symbolically marked the closing weeks of Qatar Japan 2012, a year-long series of events which has celebrated 40 years of ties between Qatar and Japan.


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