Bessho-san, Goodwill Ambassador to QFF shares some insights into his role

Tetsuya Bessho, known to millions as ‘Bessho-san’ is a well- known Japanese celebrity and actor who is Goodwill Ambassador to the Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF).

He is active in a number of initiatives that serve arts, culture and life in Japan. In 1999, he founded "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA)," one of the largest short film festivals in Asia that brought the  "Japanese Program" to Doha Tribeca Film Festival in October 2011. Other roles include his role as the Ambassador to Japan Travel Agency’s Visit Japan.

essho-san is committed to social concerns, and in particular to the victims of the Massive Earthquake and Tsunami Crisis. We found out how he became involved in Qatar Friendship Fund and how he perceives his role as Goodwill Ambassador.

Why did you decide to become the Goodwill Ambassador of Qatar Friendship Fund?
The Great East Japan Earthquake profoundly affected my private and work life.  From these experiences, I began to think that I wanted to be proactive in activities associated with Great East Japan Earthquake Aid.  Around that time, there was a talk from QFF about the need for a Goodwill Ambassador. I realized that I could be of service, so I agreed to take up the role.

What kind of relations have you had with Qatar?

I am the representative of Asia’s biggest international short film festival “Short Short Film, Festival & Asia” (SSFF & Asia).  In this capacity I was able to screen a number of Japanese short short films at “Doha Tribeca Film Festival” in Doha, Qatar last October.  Also SSFF & ASIA screened a number of Arabic movies (including movies from Qatar) last June.  I would like to continue to encourage rewarding international relations through the genre of film and movie screenings.

What do you want to accomplish as QFF Goodwill Ambassador?

Qatar Friendship Fund is active in supporting aid and rehabilitation to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In any activity like this, there are an abundance of positive and heartwarming stories. As the Goodwill Ambassador I would like to give my support and communicate the good work and positive stories to as many people as possible.


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