The Qatar Science Campus is a children’s science facility for school students in collaboration with Tohoku University

The project plans to provide educational support to elementary and junior high-school children in Miyagi Prefecture, and fuel their interest in science and manufacturing technologies. Approximately 10,000 children will benefit annually from this initiative.

One of the cornerstones of the Qatar Friendship Fund is to empower and provide opportunities to the next generation by enriching their opportunities through education. Communities impacted by the devastation caused in March 2011 will now be able to reap the benefits of learning through this collaboration with the University.

Not only will interest in science and manufacturing technologies contribute significantly to broaden the minds of youngsters; it is also about planting a seed into how their learnings can one day help reinvigorate and reenergise the communities impacted after 3/11. The Qatar Science Campus will provide the initial step into productive and viable industries and hopefully create the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. This will help to underline the Fund’s overall goal to achieve sustainable recovery and rehabilitation and help cement the enduring friendship between these two countries.


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