To further promote strong ties among its proponents, QFF’s Chief Project Manager from Mitsubishi Research Institute held a Project Management Workshop, which brought together project leaders from nine organizations

The workshop focused on sharing knowledge about project management among the nine project participants and enhancing the project management capacity of its proponents, especially in evaluation and monitoring, auditing and public relations. It was also designed to help foster a congenial relationship and encourage communication among the participants.

Professor Osamu Baba, member of the QFF Advisory Committee delivered the opening remarks and welcomed the day’s participants. The workshop was divided into three sessions, each looked at the fundamental tasks a project manager is expected to carry out. Representatives from the different organizations presented their current project progress reports, followed by explanations from each QFF team highlighting important considerations regarding project implementation, as well as the project’s financial reporting and audit.

Mr. William Saito, venture capitalist and honored member of the QFF Advisory Committee, engaged the group in a lecture on Project Management. He shared valuable advice on how managers can effectively evaluate and monitor progress, as well as facilitate planning and implementation. He added that resources such as Facebook should be utilized to further circulate information about project activities not only locally, but also globally.

The final session was an open discussion, with Professor Michi Fukushima as moderator. The discussion was spilt into three topics – child education, healthcare and the fishing industry. It was an engaging and dynamic discussion amongst the members of the Advisory Committee and the participants, where ideas about future activities were exchanged.


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