As Japan’s winning bid for the 2020 Olympics is set to boost the Japanese economy and herald hope, so too is an exciting project in Tohoku, in partnership with IMPACT Foundation Japan

‘Intilaq — Tohoku Innovators Hub’ will encourage entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators of Tohoku to play a part in regeneration through a globally connected network of start-up communities.

The first stages of the ecosystem are now already in motion in Tokyo where ‘Intilaq House’ has been set-up as a curated house capable of housing five global innovators, keen to share ideas. The House has already hosted a number of international innovators who are inspired to be a part of the ecosystem and share their skills and networks.

The Intilaq House will soon be joined by a second space, IntilaqTokyo Center, where at gatherings for up to 60 people at a time members will be able to meet, generate and incubate ideas; hold events; and collaborate and cross-fertilize concepts in an environment that is ripe for innovation.

The Tokyo activities will form the first layer of the project and will feed and empower the proposed QFF Tohoku Center, which will be a physical center of excellence for this dynamic open innovation platform. Located in the east part of Sendai City, inside the Creative Industries Cluster Zone, a forward-thinking incentive promoted by Sendai City, Intilaq will provide mentors, a curriculum, tools, a peer community and real world projects to generate the creativity required to foster entrepreneurship. The Center is due to open in November 2014 and will bring hope to the people of Tohoku and create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs who can move to other parts of the Tohoku region to help fuel the economy. Over a five-year period close to 140,000 people are expected to benefit directly and indirectly.


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