The feel good festival in Onagawa 2014

Onagawa Festival 2014

The Onagawa Festival 2014 took place in early March and was attended by 15,000 people, young and old, celebrating the incredible resurgence of the fisheries industry in the region thanks to the help and support of Qatar Friendship Fund.

Onagawa was devastated by the tsunami that destroyed homes and left the fishing industry in turmoil. However, since receiving funding of JPY 2 billion from Qatar Friendship Fund to create Maskar, a multifunctional fish processing facility, the region has enjoyed regeneration and renewed hope.

The Onagawa Festival was a celebration of the incredible progress that has been made which has resulted in the revival of the fishery industry and the livelihoods of thousands. Visitors to the festival enjoyed free fish tasting and also had the chance to try original Arabic coffee.

The festival was attended by QFF Goodwill Ambassador, Tetsuya Bessho, the well known Japanese actor, radio presenter and celebrity, who recorded his regular morning radio show, Fukuko Talk, live from the event. Bessho-san explained, “using the initial “centripetal force” created after the disaster as a base, now “centrifugal force” is essential to disseminate the information further and wider”. Appearing on the show was the Mayor of Onagawa, Mr. Suda, who outlined his gratitude for Qatar’s support of the region and the on-going friendship between the two nations. He invited people to visit his town of Onagawa “without reservation, to see how Onagawa looks now”.


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