Fishing for a dream in Miyagi Prefecture

Fishing for a dream in Miyagi Prefecture

The new ‘Al-Furdha’ fish storage facility was officially launched in May 2014, and will provide a timely boost to fishing industries devastated by the Tsunami that struck the northeast coast of Japan in 2011.

Prior to the Tsunami, fishing was the lifeblood of the towns and villages surrounding Krakuwa-cho, Kesennuma, with approximately four out of five households reliant on the industry for their income and livelihoods. As such, the facility represents a significant step towards rejuvenating not only surrounding economies, but also in supporting households and families.

The facility will benefit almost 1,000 households, and was constructed under a partnership between the Qatar Friendship Fund and the Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development. Qatar's Ambassador to Japan and Chairman of the Qatar Friendship Fund, H.E. Yousef Mohammed Bilal was one of a number of dignitaries at the event, and spoke of his pride in the resilience shown by local fisherman as they endure these testing times.

The Al Furdha project is the latest in a long list of initiatives aimed at rebuilding infrastructures and supply chains in Japan. It is hoped it will emulated the success of previous initiatives, including the Maskar fish processing facility, which has already created 1,000 jobs and provided valuable goods and services to over 7,500 people.


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