Proudly presenting the projects

Foreign Correspondents presentation

During two sessions in February, we brought reporters from media distributors around the world together so they could discover more about the work of QFF and the projects currently in progress in Japan.

It was a presentation filled with good news: success stories that highlighted the important work that QFF has achieved so far. We were happy to highlight Maskar, a multi-functional fishery processing-centre in Onagawa, which is already delivering outstanding results. We also shared information about Yukinko Project, Fun in the Snow Camp, which brought happiness to 1,400 children who had been restricted to playing indoors as a result of the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Qatari Ambassador to Japan, His Excellency Mr. Yousef M. Bilal, was present, and there were presentations outlining the current projects due for completion in 2014, each aiming to bring renewed hope to many thousands of people impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

With on going emphasis placed on child education, healthcare and fisheries, the projects discussed included Qatar Science Campus, Elem, Eco Foods, INTILAQ Tohoku Innovators Hub, Qatar Sports Park and Al Furdha.


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