Completing the trio of success

Al Furdha nears completion

The fishery industry will continue to be of the utmost importance to the people of Japan; many communities throughout the regions impacted by the events of 3/11 relied on the business that fishing created. Al Furdah, a partnership with Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development (NICCO), will include the construction of a fish storage facility in Karakuwa-cho, Kesennuma, and provide assistance to local fisherman through the development of marketing skills geared to encourage job creation, greater income opportunities and greater disposable income to support the local economy.

From the outset QFF has focused on regeneration in areas of child education, health and, of course, the fishery industry. This area has already achieved great success through Maskar and the Kamaishi Otsuchi Industrial Research Development and Training Centre; Al Furdha completes the trio.

This project, and the construction of a fish storage facility, was supported by QFF with a budget of US$2.31m allowing the development of a local fishermen’s cooperative; to create a range of new, value added products; and utilise and develop sales channels which will have major knock-on effects for the local economy.

The project is set to have a positive and direct impact on 330 people with the indirect beneficiaries totalling nearly 750 fishing households. The importance of this development, and those similar to it, underscore the impact QFF is having on communities in Japan. There is no short-term fix; QFF is however putting the foundations in place to ensure a sustainable, lasting legacy.


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