Empowering Innovators at Qatar Science Campus

More than 15,000 students have been signed up for workshops at the Qatar Science Campus, a project to renovate a section of the Graduate School of Engineering at Tohoku University and create an interactive learning-centre for visiting schoolchildren. The new facility, which will be fully operational by the end of 2014, aims to educate children and nurture the next generation of engineers and researchers in the Tohoku region, and has already exceeded the original 10,000 outreach target for the 56 events planned in 2014 – three months ahead of schedule.

In addition the Qatar Science Campus Hall has been opened, desks and chairs have been delivered and installed, laboratory tours and a series of science shows and seminars have been held at the US$2.8 million project site. The campus also played host to the first Sendai-Miyagi Science Day, with a number of events planned for the remainder of the year. These include five more workshops, three factory tours, further recruitment of teaching staff and students, and the order and contracting of bus transportation services. An opening ceremony is also in the pipeline for late November 2014.

Meanwhile, with further learning opportunities focused on introducing the concept of ingenuity and cutting-edge science and technologies, next-generation renewable energy infrastructure, and modern manufacturing systems, students have been able to combine their newfound knowledge with visits to Sony Corporation, Toyota Motor East Japan Inc., NEC TOKIN Corporation, Tohoku Ricoh Co. Ltd, Keihin Corporation, and Sendai Technology Centre.


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