Kamaishi City Provides a Beacon of Hope for Local Fisheries

Fishermen in Kamaishi City, Iwaki Prefecture, celebrated generating US$1.9 million in revenue at the conclusion of an innovative project to revitalise fisheries left desolated by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

More than US$1.2 million had been invested in the development of facilities that would allow them to use advanced freezing technologies to store and transport seafood products on their journey through the supply chain, under a joint initiative between the Qatar Friendship Fund and Kamaishi Hikari Foods Company. The project forms part of QFF’s commitment to rebuilding Japan’s fishing industries and a progress report revealed that sales targets had been exceeded by almost 400 percent. In addition, 23 companies were reported to be purchasing products (as opposed to the target of 8) which enabled local fishermen to generate such remarkable revenue achievements.

The project was intended to reach out to around 2,500 people, but is now expected to have a far greater impact on regional and downstream industries following the success of the Kamaishi fishermen. News of their ability to overcome all the odds and develop a network of national sales channels is also expected to spread throughout surrounding communities and provide a source of pride that will encourage others to follow in their footsteps.


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