• Budget: US$ 6.9 m
  • Completion date: April 2014 (Iwaki), July 2014 (Sendai)
  • Direct beneficiaries: 24,838
  • Indirect beneficiaries: 19,700
  • Elem is a pioneering experiential educational program that brings the youth of today to the classrooms of tomorrow. Launched in Iwaki and Sendai in May and August 2014, respectively, the joint program with Japanese non-profit organization Junior Achievement, allows visiting school students to learn valuable life skills through lessons that present them with real-life situations and challenge them to design their future in a series of simulated city environments. More specifically, as child education is one of the pillars of QFF, students visiting the centers will have the chance to spend the day as adult citizens and learn about possible occupations and skills including banking, utilities, saving, travel and shopping.

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