Bessho-san (Tetsuya Bessho)

Tetsuya Bessho has been a Qatar Friendship Fund Goodwill Ambassador since 2012.


Tetsuya Bessho, known to millions as ‘Bessho-san’, is a well-known Japanese celebrity and actor, and Goodwill Ambassador to the Qatar Friendship Fund.

Bessho-san is active in a number of initiatives that serve the arts, culture and life in Japan. In 1999, he founded the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), one of the largest short film festivals in Asia that brought the Japanese Program to Doha Tribeca Film Festival in October 2011. Other functions include his role as the Ambassador to Japan Travel Agency’s Visit Japan.

Bessho-san is committed to addressing social concerns and in particular, helping the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. As Goodwill Ambassador to QFF, Bessho-san embodies and spearheads its vision of reaching out to victims of the disaster. His role is to build partnerships, generate awareness and gain public support for this worthy cause. As Goodwill Ambassador, Bessho-san is an active supporter and participant in all QFF activities. He frequently appears in the media. He also ensures that he regularly visits QFF project sites to communicate and share insights with the public.